Generateur de facture

Générateur de facture

Cette application vous permet de générer une facture complète en PDF avec jusqu’à 3 produits ou services

Invoice generator

Invoice Generator

Invoice generator Description This 0nline invoice generator allows you to issue a complete invoice adapted to Spanish legislation with up to 3 products or services. Invoice Minimum content In accordance with Spanish regulations, any complete […]

VAT on e-services calculator

VAT on E-services calculator

VAT on e-services calculator Description This app allows you to calculate the VAT rate and VAT amount that must be charged on electronically supplied services according to EU legislation. Depending on the type of customer […]

Freelance calculator

Freelance Calculator

Freelance Calculator  Description This freelance calculator allows you to calculate the minimum rate you should charge in order to cover your business expenses and get an additional revenue. It relies upon the idea that […]