Concentration Molar

Molar concentration, also called molarity, amount concentration or substance concentration, is a measure of the concentration of a solute in a solution, or of any chemical species, in terms of amount of substance in a given volume. A commonly used unit for molar concentration in chemistry is the molar which is defined as the number of moles per litre(unit symbol: mol/L or m). A solution with a concentration of 1 mol/L is equivalent to 1 molar (1 m). This Concentration (Molar) converter allows you to convert kilomol/cubic centimeter (kmol/cm³), kilomol/cubic meter (kmol/m³), kilomol/cubic millimeter (kmol/mm³), kilomol/liter (kmol/L), millimol/cubic centimeter (mmol/cm³), millimol/cubic meter (mmol/mm³), millimol/cubic millimeter (mmol/mm³), millimol/liter (mmol/L), mol/cubic centimeter (mol/cm³), mol/cubic meter (mol/m³), mol/cubic millimeter (mol/mm³), mol/liter (mol/L), among other units related to Concentration (Molar).