The density or volumetric mass density of a substance is its mass per unit volume. The SI unit for density is kg/m³. For a pure substance the density has the same numerical value as its mass concentration. The density of a material varies with temperature and pressure. This variation is typically small for solids and liquids but much greater for gases. This Density converter allows you to convert attogram/liter (ag/L), centigram/liter (cg/L), decigram/liter (dg/L), dekagram/liter (dag/L), exagram/liter (Eg/L), femtogram/liter (fg/L), gigagram/liter (Gg/L), grain/cubic foot (gr/ft³), grain/gallon (UK) (gr/gal(UK)), grain/gallon (US) (gr/gal(US)), gram/cubic centimeter (g/cm³), gram/cubic meter (g/m³), gram/cubic millimeter (g/mm³), gram/liter (g/L), hectogram/liter (hg/L), kilogram/cubic centimeter (kg/cm³), kilogram/cubic meter (kg/m³), kilogram/liter (kg/L), megagram/liter (Mg/L), microgram/liter (µg/L), milligram/cubic centimeter (mg/cm³), milligram/cubic meter (mg/m³), milligram/cubic millimeter (mg/cm³) among other units related to Density.