Electric Field Strength

An electric field is a vector field that associates to each point in space the Coulomb force that would be experienced per unit of electric charge, by an infinitesimal test charge at that point. Electric fields are created by electric charges and can be induced by time-varying magnetic fields. The electric field combines with the magnetic field to form the electromagnetic field. The SI units for the electric field are newton/coulomb (N/C). This Electric Field Strength converter allows you to convert abvolt/centimeter (abV/cm), kilovolt/centimeter (kV/cm), kilovolt/inch (kV/in), kilovolt/meter (kV/m), microvolt/meter (µ/m), millivolt/meter (mV/m), newton/coulomb (N/C), statvolt/centimeter (stV/cm), statvolt/inch (stV/in), volt/centimeter (V/cm), volt/inch (V/in), volt/meter (V/m), volt/mil (V/mil), among other units related to Electric Field Strength.