Energy Density

Energy density is the amount of energy stored in a given system or region of space per unit volume. The SI unit for specific energy is the joule per meter squared (J/m3). This Specific Heat converter allows you to convert Btu (IT)/cubic foot (Btu/ft³), Btu (th)/cubic foot (Btu(th)/ft³), calorie (IT)/cubic centimeter (cal/cm³), CHU/cubic foot (CHU/ft³), cubic meter/joule (m³/J), gallon (US)/horsepower-hour (cv) (gal(US)/cv·h), gallon (US)/horsepower-hour (hp) (gal(US)/hp·h), joule/cubic meter (J/m³), joule/liter (J/L), kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter (Kcal/m³), kilojoule/cubic meter (kJ/m³), liter/joule (L/J), megajoule/cubic meter (MJ/m³), therm/cubic foot (therm/ft³), therm/gallon (UK) (therm/gal(UK)), among other units related to Specific Heat.