Flow Fluid

Volumetric flow rate, volume flow rate, rate of fluid flow or volume velocity is the volume of fluid which passes per unit time. The SI unit is cubic meters per second (m³/s) . Another unit used is standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm). In US customary units and imperial units, it is often expressed as cubic feet per second (ft³/s) or gallons per minute. This Flow converter allows you to convert acre-foot/day (ac·ft/d), acre-foot/hour (ac·ft/h), acre-foot/year (ac·ft/y), barrel (US)/day (bbl (US)/d), barrel (US)/hour (bbl (US)/h), barrel (US)/minute (bbl (US)/min), barrel (US)/second (bbl (US)/s), cubic centimeter/day (cm³/d), cubic centimeter/hour (cm³/h), cubic centimeter/minute (cm³/min), cubic centimeter/second (cm³/s), cubic foot/hour (ft³/h), cubic foot/minute (ft³/min), cubic foot/second (ft³/s), cubic inch/hour (in³/h), cubic inch/minute (in³/min), cubic inch/second (in³/s), cubic meter/day (m³/d), cubic meter/hour (m³/h), cubic meter/minute (m³/min), cubic meter/second (m³/s), cubic yard/hour (yd³/h), cubic yard/minute (yd³/min) among other units related to Flow.