Flow Mass

Mass flow rate, mass flux or mass current is the mass of a substance which passes per unit of time. Its unit is kilogram per second (kg/s) in SI units, and slug per second (slug/s) or pound per second (lb/s) in US customary units. This Flow Mass converter allows you to convert centigram/second (cg/s), decigram/second (dg/s), dekagram/second (dag/s), exagram/second (Eg/s), gigagram/second (Gg/s), gram/day (g/d), gram/hour (g/h), gram/minute (g/min), gram/second (g/s), hectogram/second (hg/s), kilogram/day (kg/d), kilogram/hour (kg/h), kilogram/minute (kg/min), kilogram/second (kg/s), megagram/second (Mg/s), microgram/second (µg/s), milligram/day (mg/d), milligram/hour (mg/h), milligram/minute (mg/min), milligram/second (mg/s), ounce/day (oz/d), ounce/hour (oz/h), ounce/minute (oz/min) among other units related to Flow Mass.