Frequency Wavelength

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. The SI unit of frequency is the hertz (Hz); one hertz means that an event repeats once per second. The wavelength and frequency of light are closely related. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. The equation that relates wavelength and frequency for electromagnetic waves is: ??=c where ? is the wavelength, ? is the frequency and c is the speed of light. This Frequency Wavelength converter allows you to convert attohertz (aHz), centihertz (cHz), cycle/second, decihertz (dHz), dekahertz (daHz), exahertz (EHz), femtohertz (fHz), gigahertz (GHz), hectohertz (hHz), hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), megahertz (MHz), microhertz (µHz), millihertz (mHz), nanohertz (nHz), petahertz (PHz), picohertz (pHz), radian/hour (rad/h), radian/minute (rad/min), radian/second (rad/s), revolution/hour (rev/h), revolution/minute (rpm), revolution/second (rev/s) among other units related to Frequency Wavelength.