Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of motor vehicles can be expressed as 'Fuel consumption' or as 'Fuel economy'. 'Fuel consumption' expreses the amount of fuel used per unit distance; for example, litres per 100 kilometers (L/100 km). In this case, the lower the value, the more economic a vehicle is; this is the measure generally used across Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Colombia, China, and Madagascar, post-Soviet space. 'Fuel economy' expresses the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel used; for example, miles per gallon. In this case, the higher the value, the more economic a vehicle is. This measure is popular in the USA and the UK. This Fuel Efficiency (Distance) converter allows you to convert centimeter/liter (cm/L), dekameter/liter (dam/L), exameter/liter (Em/L), gallon (UK)/100 mi, gallon (UK)/mile (gal(UK)/mi), gallon (US)/100 mi, gallon (US)/mile (gal(US)/mi), gigameter/liter (Gm/L), hectometer/liter (hm/L), kilometer/gallon (US) (km/gal(US)), kilometer/liter (km/L), liter/100 km (L/100 km), liter/meter (L/m), megameter/liter (Mm/L), meter/cubic centimeter (m/cm³), meter/cubic foot (m/ft³), meter/cubic inch (m/in³), meter/cubic meter (m/m³), meter/cubic yard (m/yd³), meter/cup (UK), meter/cup (US), meter/fluid ounce (UK) (m/fl.oz(UK)), meter/fluid ounce (US) (m/fl.oz(US)) among other units related to Fuel Efficiency (Distance).