Inductance is the property of an electrical conductor by which a change in current through it induces an electromotive force in both the conductor itself and in any nearby conductors by mutual inductance. In the SI system, the measurement unit for inductance is the henry (H). This Inductance converter allows you to convert abhenry (abH), attohenry (aH), centihenry (cH), decihenry (dH), dekahenry (daH), EMU of inductance, ESU of inductance, exahenry (EH), femtohenry (fH), gigahenry (GH), hectohenry (hH), henry (H), kilohenry (kH), megahenry (MH), microhenry (µH), millihenry (mH), nanohenry (nH), petahenry (PH), picohenry (pH), stathenry (stH), terahenry (TH), weber/ampere (Wb/A), among other units related to Inductance.