Data entry

  • How to enter dates
    • You can enter dates in two ways:
      • By typing them directly in the corresponding field. In this case the dates follow the format dd/mm/ yyyy, for instance: 01/22/2000.
      • By picking them from a calendar. Display the calendar by clicking on its icon. Next, click on its header to browse and select years, months and days. The selected date is shown with a blue background; current date is appears with a gray border.
    • You must bear in mind that no date before 01/01/1970 is valid. Also, some fields do not admit certain dates either. Eg: the floor clause calculator does not allow to include dates before 01/01/1999.
  • How to enter numbers.
    • You can enter numbers:
      • By typing them directly in the corresponding box. In the case of decimal numbers, you can use both the “,” and the “.” to separate the decimal part, although in the results the decimals will be shown with a comma.
      • Using the “+” and “-” buttons. In this case the values ​​will increase or decrease by a fixed amount that depends on each calculator. In some cases the variation will be of one unit (1), for each click, in others of a thousand units (1000), etc.
      • In some cases, the values ​​must be selected directly from a drop-down list, other values not being allowed.
    • In most cases it is not possible to enter values ​​above a certain amount; if you try to enter a value greater than the maximum the calculator will take the maximum admissible value as entered.
  • How to enter texts.
    • Normally, texts can only be entered by selecting them from a drop-down list, other texts not being allowed.
    • In certain calculators some texts can be entered freely, without choosing them from a list. In these cases, the field usually has a maximum number of admissible characters.


  • Where are the results displayed.
    • In some calculators the results are displayed directly on the data entry screen.
    • In others, the results are displayed in another screen that can be accessed by pressing a button (“calculate”, “details”) or a link (“advance payments”).
    • Finally, there are calculators in which a summary of the results is displayed in one screen and a breakdown of them is displayed in another screen.
  • How are the results displayed.
    • Most calculators automatically display and update the results each time the data are entered.
    • In some cases, however, it is necessary to click on the “calculate” or “details” button to display or update the results.

Get more help

You can obtain additional information about certain data by hovering the cursor over the “?” symbol.

How to reset the calculator

Once you finish the calculations, you can reset the calculator by clicking on the “delete” or “reset” button.

Print results

Click on the “print” button to generate a pdf with an image of the calculator as seen on the screen of your device. This button may not work correctly on some devices or browsers.


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You must bear in mind that

The results of the calculators are merely indicative.