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Invoice generator
Invoice generator

Invoice generator


This 0nline invoice generator allows you to issue a complete invoice adapted to Spanish legislation with up to 3 products or services.

Invoice Minimum content

In accordance with Spanish regulations, any complete invoice must include the following minimum content:

  • The number and the series. The number must be correlated and the series should only be different if there are reasons that justify it, for example, if the company operates from different establishments or performs different types of operations.
  • The personal data of the sender and the addressee, that is to say, his name and surname or company name, his NIF and his address. For the recipient, the NIF is only required in certain operations such as exempt intra-community supplies of goods (EIBs), and the domicile when acting as an business, but not when it is a private individual.
  • The date of issue. If they are different, the dates on which the operation was performed or the date of any advance payment must also be included.
  • The description of operations: It is very important. All the data necessary to determine the tax base or the taxation regime must be recorded, so that it can be known if the operation is exempt or not, the type of tax that corresponds to it, etc.
  • The tax rate, the VAT rate.
  • The VAT amount, duly separated from the Base.
  • Additional content. In addition to this basic content, a mention must also be made of certain circumstances when these take place. In this sense, it will be necessary to mention specifically, among others:
    • if the operation is exempt,
    • if a particular special regime is applicable, etc.