Pension Duration

Calculate, in three easy steps, how long your retirement savings will last considering how much you spend each month.


This retirement pension duration calculator allows you to quickly find out when you are going to run out of money you have saved for your pension, taking into account what you spend on your savings each month. The calculations take into account that savings have a return and produce interest that is accumulated to capital.

The results show the maximum monthly expenditure that corresponds to different periods of duration of our savings ranging from 1 year to 30 years.


Suppose we are retired and our current savings are $ 100,000. Each month we withdraw $ 900 for expenses and for the balance we have of our savings we receive an annual interest of 2%. How long will our savings last before they run out?

To make the calculations we introduce the following data: Current savings: $ 100,000; Pension: $ 900; Interest: 2%. The result will be 10 years, 2 months and 25 days. In addition other options are shown; For example, we can extend the duration of savings to 15 years by reducing the monthly expenditure to $ 642.68.


  1. Indicate how much money you have saved as of today.
  2. Enter the amount of your monthly expenses during the retirement period. How much you withdraw from your savings, fund or pension plan to meet your expenses each month.
  3. Enter the rate of return of your savings.
  4. Automatically, the calculator shows the estimated duration of your savings, as well as other alternatives so that the savings last more or less.

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