a. What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is stored on the user’s browser whenever he visits most websites and that is used to identify his computer uniquely even if he changes his location or IP address.

Cookies are used to determine the user’s activity in the site visited by him and in other sites related with it, such as the place of access, connection time, device and/or browser used, pages visited, etc.

There can be different types of cookies based on their purpose (technical, analytical, advertising), their duration (persistent or per session) or who installs them (the user-first party or third parties), among others.

b. Authorization for use of cookies

According to the notice displayed at the top of the page, we use first and third party cookies in this website to improve our services and to show you advertisements related to your preferences.

By browsing this website, we understand that you accept this cookies Policy and consent to the use of cookies under this Policy, unless you have changed your browser’s settings to refuse their use.

Even though you can access this website without enabling cookies, some services might not function properly if they are not.

c. Cookies used on this website

On this website we use the following cookies for the indicated purposes:

  • Our own cookies (first party cookies)
    1. To remember your search preferences.
    2. To remember if you have accepted our terms.
    3. To show you pages you’ve visited recently.
  • Third party cookies: Social network cookies, which allow you to share or comment on our content on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites.

d. ¿How to know, allow, block or delete cookies?

You can know, allow, block or delete the cookies that have been installed on your computer by changing your browser’s settings.