Specific Energy

Specific energy is energy per unit mass. It is used to quantify, for example, stored heat or other thermodynamic properties of substances. It may also be used for the kinetic energy or potential energy of a body. The SI unit for specific energy is the joule per kilogram (J/kg). This Energy Density converter allows you to convert Btu (IT)/pound (Btu/lb), Btu (th)/pound (Btu (th)/lb), calorie (IT)/gram (cal/g), calorie (th)/gram (cal (th)/g), gram/calorie (IT) (g/cal), gram/calorie (th) (g/cal (th)), gram/horsepower (metric)-hour (g/(cv·h)), gram/kilowatt-hour (g/(kw·h)), joule/kilogram (J/kg), kilogram/joule (kg/J), kilogram/kilojoule (kg/kJ), kilojoule/kilogram (kJ/kg), pound/Btu (IT) (lb/Btu), pound/Btu (th) (lb/Btu (th)), pound/horsepower-hour (lb/hp·h), among other units related to Energy Density.