Specific Heat

The specific heat capacity can be defined as the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one gram of a substance by one degree. It is expressed in joules per kilogram per kelvin (J/(kg·K)) . This Specific Heat converter allows you to convert Btu (IT)/pound.°C (Btu (IT)/(Lb·°C), Btu (IT)/pound.°F (Btu (IT)/(Lb·°F), Btu (IT)/pound.°R (Btu (IT)/(Lb·°R), Btu (th)/pound.°F (Btu (th)/(Lb·°F), Btu (th)/pound.°R (Btu (th)/(Lb·°R), calorie (IT)/gram.°C (cal/(g·°C)), calorie (IT)/gram.°F (cal/(g·°F)), calorie (th)/gram.°C (cal(th)/(g·°C)), CHU/pound.°C (CHU/(lb·°C)), joule/gram-Celsius (J/(g·°C)), joule/kilogram-Celsius (J/(kg·°C)), joule/kilogram-Kelvin (J/(kg·K)), kil°Calorie (IT)/kilogram.°C (kcal/(kg·°C)), kil°Calorie (th)/kilogram.°C (kcal(th)/(kg·°C)), kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram-K (kcal/(kg·K)), kilocalorie (th)/kilogram-K (kcal/(kg·K)), kilogram-force-meter/kilogram-K (kgf·m/(kg·K)), kilojoule/kilogram.°C (kJ/(kg·°C)), kilojoule/kilogram-Kelvin (kJ/(kg·K), pound-force-foot/pound.°R (lbf·ft/(lb·°R)), among other units related to Specific Heat.