Time between dates

This tool allows you to determine the elapsed time between two dates, whether historical, current or future.

You can use it to calculate the time that has elapsed since a certain date.

Thus, for example, it allows you to find out your exact age, to know the age of a vehicle or property for tax purposes or to calculate the time left for an important event (examination, invoice due, delivery of a job, etc).

The result is shown expressed in the following units:

  • Years, months and days.
  • Months and days.
  • Weeks and days.
  • Days.
  • Hours.
  • Minutes.
  • Seconds.

You can choose any date from January 1, 1900.


  1. Enter the start date of the period whose duration would be calculated.
  2. Enter the end date of the period to calculate.
  3. The elapsed time will appear below, expressed in different units.

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