Torque, moment, or moment of force is rotational force. Loosely speaking, torque is a measure of the turning force on an object such as a bolt or a flywheel. For example, pushing or pulling the handle of a wrench connected to a nut or bolt produces a torque (turning force) that loosens or tightens the nut or bolt.

The SI unit for torque is the newton meter (N·m). This Torque converter allows you to convert dyne-centimeter (dyn·cm), dyne-meter (dyn·m), dyne-millimeter (dyn·mm), gram-force centimeter (gf·cm), gram-force meter (gf·m), gram-force millimeter (gf·mm), kilogram-force-centimeter (kgf·cm), kilogram-force-meter (kgf·m), kilogram-force-millimeter (kgf-mm), kilonewton-meter (kN·m), newton-centimeter (N·cm), newton-meter (N·m), newton-millimeter (N·mm), ounce-force foot (ozf·ft), ounce-force inch (ozf·in), pound-force foot (lbf·ft), pound-force inch (lbf·in), ton (long) force foot, ton (short) force foot, ton force-centimeter, ton force-meter, among other units related to Torque.