Volume Dry

Dry measures are units of volume used to measure bulk commodities which are not fluids, which were typically shipped in and sold by standardized containers such as barrels. They are typically used in agriculture, agronomy, and commodity markets to measure grain, dried beans, dried and fresh fruit, clams, and crabs. Many units of dry measure have become standardized as units of mass (bushel). This Volume (Dry) converter allows you to convert barrel dry (US) (bbl dry (US)), bushel (UK) (bu (UK)), bushel (US) (bu (US)), gallon dry (US) (gal dry(US)), liter (L,l), peck (UK) (pk (UK)), peck (US) (pk (US)), pint dry (US) (pt dry (US)), quart dry (US) (qt dry (US)), among other units related to Volume (Dry).