World VAT Calculator

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Calculate the VAT rate and VAT amount of (almost) any world transaction.


This tool allows you to calculate how much VAT is charged in different countries of the world for the purchase or sale of goods and services. In particular, it shows you the different VAT rates that are applied in each country and allows you to calculate its corresponding VAT amount and the total price of the operation (VAT included or not included).


Suppose you want to buy a house in France and you need to know how much VAT is charged on the operation. The house price is $ 300,000 plus VAT.

To know the result you should select the country (France), the VAT rate type for this kind of transaction (in this case “Normal”), the amount and the option “VAT included: No”.

The result is a VAT amount of $ 60000 and a price, VAT included, of $360,000.

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The calculator only aims to give you a rough idea of ​​the tax rates applied in each country. However, given the complexity and frequency of legislative changes, we recommend that you check with an advisor how a particular operation is taxed and what specific types are applicable.



Text available under the Licencia Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0

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